Deliveries suspended

Our temporary delivery service, established during the Covid-19 epidemic, has now been suspended

The nursery is open to the public between Wednesday and Sunday, 10am-4pm. We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

We thank you for observing the social distancing measures we have put in place, and for patiently queuing when it's busy.

Delivery service now closed

Now that government restrictions have been altered, we are closing the temporary phone line and delivery service, introduced during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We will honour those already on the call-back list, and we will deliver to those who have already placed an order.

The situation will be monitored and will be subject to change in line with the latest government advice.

Shielding customers

We're really sorry, but we are not able to continue the service for shielding customers. You could perhaps ask a friend, neighbour or volunteer to visit the nursery and purchase your items.


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