General plant care and advice

Helpful hints to get the best out of your plants

Help your plants to thrive 

  1. Please water them regularly if you are not planting them straight away. Avoid leaving them in a hot sunny position all day.

  2. Once you have planted give your plants a small feed. This helps with the shock of having roots disturbed. Water regularly to help them establish. Its better to water well every few days (unless is very hot, then every day) rather than a little watering. If you can water in the evening rather then the morning.

  3. Beware there could be frosts in the next few months. Try and protect tender plants if it gets below 5 degrees centigrade at night.

  4. Our bedding compost has enough feed for a few weeks but its recommended you do a regular gentle feed with a suitable fertilizer.

  5. Choose the right plant for the right place. A plant that likes a sunny aspect will not thrive on a north facing border. Windy sites need careful thought about what type of plant you need.

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