Spring Bulbs

Our bulbs are bigger and freshly harvested, for larger, more beautiful flowers come spring.

Bulb Sale

This year, our spring bulbs are available for sale to the public from 8 September 2021.

Why are our bulbs better?


Our bulbs come from a top Dutch supplier (who also supplies the RHS, and both the British and the Dutch Royal Families).

They are always freshly harvested, never from old stock, and we choose the largest bulbs of the very best quality, for impressive and colourful displays.

We sell a wide range of bulbs that flower at different times from January to May/June for long-lasting flowering displays.

If you’ve admired the floral displays in our parks and gardens across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, then you’ve already seen what stunning results can be achieved with bulbs from Kings Park Nursery.

Bulb varieties available

We sell a variety of spring bulbs to the public, here is our bulb price list for the season. 

Advice on planting and caring for bulbs

Choosing the colour, height and timing is not as easy as you might think. The skill of the horticulturalist is to pick three different varieties of a flower (e.g. tulips), that flower at slightly different times of the year to maximise the display – timing is everything!

We group and label our bulbs (1-5, e.g. ‘4’ would be a tulip that flowers mid-April, and all group 4 bulbs would flower around the same time).

If you're not sure how to make the most of your bulb display, we've also created some advice sheets to give you some tips. Take a look here.

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